English Words Which Confuse Us 2

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English Words Which Confuse Us 2

1. Elicit and Illicit 

Elicit is a verb that means "to draw out"
EX: The teacher had trouble eliciting responses from the students.

Illicit is an adjective meaning "illegal or illegitimate"
EX: Illicit drugs or illicit behavior may help you enter jail.


Baited usually refers to traps
EX: Baiting deer in order to hunt them is illegal in most states.

Bated is seldom used but means "reduced, abated"
EX: Jessica bated her pace to let her running mate catch up.

3. Emigrant and Immigrant

Emigrant - An emigrant is a person who leaves his native country to settle in another
EX: The emigrants left everything behind in search of something more.

Immigrant - An immigrant refers is person who moves to a new country
EX: Many immigrants settle in this country every year.


Beside means "next to"
EX: Place the dishes beside the sink.

Besides is an adverb or preposition that means "also, additionally"
EX: I would enjoy going on a vacation besides.


Blonde describes women
EX: Angel have just as much fun as blondes (blonde women).

Blond describes men
EX: John was not a natural blond. This distinction is not necessary though: blond is now generally accepted for both men and women.

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