English Words Which Confuse Us 1

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English  Words Which Confuse Us 1


Adept means "skilled"
Adapt means "to adjust"
Adopt means to "accept as your own"


Ascent is an upward movement
EX: Leo's ascent to the presidency of the company came slowly.

Assent means "to agree to"
EX: Geeta could not begin the project unless management assented.

Accent is the way in which people in a particular area, country or social group pronounce words.

3. Cite, Site and Sight

Cite  - It means "to quote or mention"
EX: He cited a famous theorist in his speech.

Site is a noun meaning "a place"
EX: At which site will we stage the party?

Sight is a noun meaning "view"
EX: The sight of the New York City skyline is spectacular.

4. Dairy and Diary

Dairy - A dairy is a farm where milk and milk products are produced
EX: Madeleine grew up on a dairy and knows how to churn butter.

Diary - A diary is the daily journal kept
EX: Rhoda Book writes in her diary for two hours every night.

5. Coarse and Course

Coarse - It is an adjective meaning "rough, big-grained, not fine"
EX: We need to use coarse sandpaper to remove the paint from this wood.

Course - It is a noun referring to a direction (the course of a ship) or a series of lectures on one subject (a history course in college)

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