General Knowledge Quiz 114

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1. Which missile is designed to defend large installation like oil-fields etc. against enemy air attacks?

A. Akash
B. Nag
C. Agni
D. Prithvi

2. When was Mandela inaugurated as first black President?

A. 1994
B. 1999
C. 2000
D. None of the above

3. When was Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism born in Media(Iran)?

A. 2000 BC
B. 660 BC
C. 1075 BC
D. 740 BC

4. Which is the associated sport of Bombay Gold Cup?

A. Basketball
B. Weightlifting
C. Hockey
D. Football

5. When was Prophet Mohamed, the founder of Islam, born?

A. 420 AD
B. 570 AD
C. 868 AD
D. 1138 AD

6. Which is the sacred text of Hinduism?

A. The Vedas
B. The Bhagavad Gita
C. The epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana
D. All of the above

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