English Words Which Confuse Us 3

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English Words Which Confuse Us 3


Bridal has to do a bride and her wedding
EX: June May threw her bridal bouquet to the screaming crowd of single women.

Bridle is a halter or restraint, such as a horse bridle
EX: Old Frosty didn't like the bridle over his head.


Accede means "to agree or allow"
EX: Paul Cheaply finally acceded to accepting the presidency of the company.

Exceed means "to go beyond, to surpass"
EX: The amount of alcohol in his blood exceeded the previous record.

3. Device and Devise

Device - A device is an instrument used to perform a task
EX: This device will peel apples for you.

Devise is to create or invent
EX: They will devise a scheme to continue the business.


Affect is most often used as a verb meaning "to influence"
EX: The president's speech affected his views of the upcoming election.

Effect means "to cause"
EX: Batting her eyes so flirtatiously effected a strong desire in Rajiv to embrace Shruti .

5. Canvas and Canvass
Canvas - It is cloth or fabric
EX: a canvas bag to bring to the beach.

Canvass - means "to conduct a survey or examine thoroughly", or "to seek votes"
EX: She canvassed all the stores before she found the right dress.

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