English Quiz 27

Bankers Adda is also known to be called as English Quiz  adda.
Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on English
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Direction:  Choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the bold and capital word in the sentence in
each question from the four alternative words given therewith. If no alternative matches, 
then your answer is(e).

1. HAPLESS Passengers were stranded at the airport due to inordinate delay in flights.

(a) Good for nothing (b) Likeable (c) Beyond Hope (d) Unfortunate (e) None of these

2. Shall the TWAIN ever meet, I wondered. (a) Pair (b) dusk (c) Duplicate (d) Mate (e) None of these

3. Some Yoga’s obviously require amazing athletic CONTORTIONS, some just look like good fun.

(a) Composures (b) Twisting (c) Agility (d) Exercise (e) None of these

4. Our holiday Feast were SUMPTUOUS.

(a) Lavish (b) Priceless (c) Abundant (d) Essential (e) None of these

5. If you read travel guides, it may WHET your appetite for a holiday.

(a) Discourage (b) Remove (c) Stimulate (d) Kill (e) None of these

6. Interrogators demanded over and over that he REPUDIATE his former activities.

(a) Accept (b) Disown (c) Appreciate (d) Testify (e) None of these

7. He was a TACITURN, shabby man in his 50s.

(a) Repulsive (b) Uncommunicative (c) Inaccessible (d) Ungrateful (e) None of these

8. Stop publishing these SLANDERS against the nation.

(a) Satire (b) Trespasses (c) Pendants (d) Defamations (e) None of these

9. All the girls participating in beauty contest were walking with FELINE grace.

(a) Modest (b) Languid (c) Evil (d) Catlike (e) None of these

10. Her political CREDO reflects in every aspect of her life.

(a) Experience (b) Slogan (c) Belief (d) Commendation (e) None of these.

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