English Quiz 28

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Direction: In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately.

(1) a country needs money for a development project, what can it do? It can (2) to the World Bank or international Monetary Fund for aid. A country with a foreign currency problem can ask the IMF for (3). However, (4) there is no way out for a country which has shortage of food. The country cannot (5) import the food if it is rare like pulses which are grown only by a few countries. In such cases the problem is more (6).This situation had led exports to suggest the (7) of establishing a world Agricultural Bank. The food situation today is serious since production is not keeping (8) with demand. The World Agriculture Bank can
therefore be established by member countries who have to (9) capital as well as surplus food to the Bank. The stocks would form a corpus which would be used to assist members in (10) of distress.

1. (a) Through (b) Supposed (c) Unless (d) That (e) When

2. (a) Appeals (b) Go (c) Approach (d) Solicit (e) Requests

3. (a) Banking (b) Helping (c) Solution (d) Assistants (e) Relieve

4. (a) Simply (b) During (c) Fact (d) Presently (e) while

5. (a) Attempt (b) Yet (c) Even (d) Try (e) Start

6. (a) Address (b) Acute (c) Declined (d) Achievable (e) Prohibited

7. (a) Object (b) Implementation (c) Knowledge (d) Advice (e) Idea

8. (a) Up (b) Ahead (c) Paced (d) Line (e) Tune

9. (a) Demand (b) Share (c) Benefit (d) Contribute (e) Fund

10. (a) Controls (b) Combats (c) Times (d) Needs (e) Areas

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