English Quiz 26

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Directions:  Choose the correct option.

1. Which sentence is wrongly stated?

(a) I saw her as lately as last month.
(b) Have you ever seen Verma sir lately?
(c) He may be suspended for coming lately for meeting.
(d) She rang me up late in the night.

2. Which sentence is wrongly stated?

(a) We cannot keep this much of rice at present.
(b) At present, he is in the bathroom.
(c) We do not need any money presently.
(d) We do not need any money at present.

3. "Bearing young by eggs" is called

(a) Cynosure
(b) Oviparous
(c) Prodigy
(d) Obsolescent

4. "Commemorative inscription on a tomb" is called

(a) Recluse
(b) Iconoclast
(c) Mystic
(d) Epitaph

5. Recently, Mumbai Police suspended many bar _________, However my shop is_______by Central Government.

(a) Licenses,Licensed
(b) Licences,Licenced
(c) Licenses,Licenced
(d) Licences, Licensed

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