How to prepare for Interview 4

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Today we came back with a New Easy Interview Tips
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How to prepare for Interview 4

Three Mandatory Steps to follow on INTERVIEW DAY

1. Be sure to listen actively throughout the interview. It's easy to spend all your time planning your answers, but remember this is a conversation. Listening carefully helps you to respond appropriately.

2. Demonstrate that you have thought seriously about this career path and this company by asking intelligent questions about the position. Draw upon your research about the company, or ask about the working conditions, the chances for advancement and major projects your prospective job would entail.

3. Avoid generalities ("I'm a people-person"). Give concrete examples when describing your work experience. And always be positive. Don't be critical of previous co-workers or bosses. The way you talk about your former or current boss may be seen as an indication of how you will talk about your future boss.

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