General Knowledge Quiz 21

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1. How many teeth does a normal adult dog have?

A. 32
B. 34
C. 38
D. 42

2. In August, 1996 at Kolar(near Bangalore), India made successful test flights of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) named

A. Arjun
B. Nishant
C. Vijayanta
D. Lakshya

3. In which of the following team events India got a Gold Medal at the 2002 Asian Games?

A. Kabaddi
B. Hockey
C. 4 x 200 m Relay
D. 4 x 100 m Relay

4. IDA stands for

A. Indian Development Agency
B. International Development Agency
C. Industrial Development Analyses
D. None of the above

5. In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is

A. 15 trillion
B. 20 trillion
C. 25 trillion
D. 30 trillion

6. In cricket, the two sets of wickets are

A. 18 yards apart
B. 20 yards apart
C. 22 yards apart
D. 24 yards apart

7. India played its first cricket Test Match in

A. 1922
B. 1932
C. 1942
D. 1952

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