General Knowledge Quiz 20

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1. India's first ocean wave's energy project was launched in

A. 1981 
B. 1991
C. 1995 
D. 2000

2. If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body

A. increases
B. remains unchanged
C. decreases
D. may decrease or increase

3. In which of the following years, the membership of the Security Council was increased from 11 to 15 (under Article 23)?

A. 1960 
B. 1965
C. 1972 
D. 1975

4. How many red blood cells does the bone marrow produce every second?

A. 5 million
B. 7 million
C. 10 million
D. 12 million

5. India's tallest stone statue of the Jain sage Gomateswara is at

A. Mysore, Karnakata
B. New Delhi
C. Sravanabelagola, Karnataka
D. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

6. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?

A. Four times
B. Twice
C. Five times
D. Once

7. In 1945, fifty nations met to phrase the basic charter for a world organization which would "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war". This conference took place at

A. Dumbarton Oaks
B. London
C. San Francisco
D. Yalta

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