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Read each definition and all four choices carefully, and find the answer that provides the best example of the given definition.

1. The rules of baseball state that a batter Legally Completes His Time at Bat when he is put out or becomes a base runner. Which situation below is the best example of a batter Legally Completing His Time at Bat?

A. Jared's blooper over the head of the short-stop puts him in scoring position.
B. The umpire calls a strike, even though the last pitch was way outside.
C. The pitcher throws his famous knuckleball, Joe swings and misses, and the umpire calls a strike.
D. The count is two balls and two strikes as Mario waits for the next pitch.

2. A Tiebreaker is an additional contest or period of play designed to establish a winner among tied contestants. Which situation below is the best example of a Tiebreaker?

A. At halftime, the score is tied at 28.
B. Mary and Megan have each scored three goals in the game.
C. The referee tosses a coin to decide which team will have possession of the ball first.
D. The Sharks and the Bears each finished with 14 points, and they are now battling it out in a five-minute overtime.

3. Establishing a Power of Attorney occurs when a legal document is created that gives one individual the authority to act for another. Which situation below is the best example of Establishing a Power of Attorney?

A. Louise is selling her house and she hires a lawyer to review the contract.
B. Simone's mother can no longer get to the bank to cash her checks and make deposits, so she has taken legal steps to enable Simone to do these things for her.
C. Jack's father is elderly and Jack thinks he is no longer able to make decisions for himself.
D. At her daughter's urging, Mrs.Lenox opens up a retirement account with the local bank.

4. It is appropriate to compensate someone if you have damaged his or her property in some way. This is called Restitution. Which situation below is the best example of Restitution?

A. Jake borrows Leslie's camera and the lens shatters when it falls on the ground because he fails to zipper the case.When Jake returns the camera, he tells Leslie that he will pay for the repair.
B. Rebecca borrows her neighbor's car, and when she returns it, the gas tank is practically empty. She apologizes profusely and tells her neighbor she will be more considerate the next time.
C. Aaron asks Tom to check in on his apartment while he is out of town. When Tom arrives, he discovers that a pipe has burst and there is a considerable amount of water damage. He calls a plumber to repair the pipe.
D. Lisa suspects that the pothole in her company's parking lot caused her flat tire. She tells her boss that she thinks the company should pay for the repair.

5. People speculate when they consider a situation and assume something to be true based on inconclusive evidence. Which situation below is the best example of Speculation ?

A. Francine decides that it would be appropriate to wear jeans to her new office on Friday after reading about "Casual Fridays" in her employee handbook.
B. Mary spends thirty minutes sitting in traffic and wishes that she took the train instead of driving.
C. After consulting several guidebooks and her travel agent, Jennifer feels confident that the hotel she has chosen is first-rate.
D. When Emily opens the door in tears, Theo guesses that she's had a death in her family.

6. Reentry occurs when a person leaves his or her social system for a period of time and then returns. Which situation below best describes Reentry ?

A. When he is offered a better paying position, Jacob leaves the restaurant he manages to manage a new restaurant on the other side of town.
B. Catherine is spending her junior year of college studying abroad in France.
C. Malcolm is readjusting to civilian life after two years of overseas military service.
D. After several miserable months, Sharon decides that she can no longer share an apartment with her roommate Hilary.

7. Applying for Seasonal Employment occurs when a person requests to be considered for a job that is dependent on a particular season or time of year. Which situation below is the best example of Applying for Seasonal Employment?

A. The ski instructors at Top of the Peak Ski School work from December through March.
B. Matthew prefers jobs that allow him to work outdoors.
C. Lucinda makes an appointment with the beach resort restaurant manager to interview for the summer waitressing position that was advertised in the newspaper.
D. Doug's ice cream shop stays open until 11 p.m. during the summer months.

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