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Bankers Adda is also known to be called as Reasoning Quiz adda.
Today Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on Reasoning 
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Read the below passage carefully and answer the questions:

Five roommates Randy, Sally, Terry, Uma, and Vernon each do one housekeeping task mopping, sweeping, laundry, vacuuming, or dusting one day a week, Monday through Friday.
  •  Sally does the dusting, and does not do it on Monday or Friday.
  •  Terry does his task, which is not vacuuming, on Wednesday.
  •  Vernon does not vacuum and does not do his task on Tuesday.
  •  The laundry is done on Friday, and not by Uma.
  •  Randy does his task on Monday.
  •  The mopping is done on Thursday.
1. When does Sally do the dusting?

A. Thursday
B. Monday
C. Tuesday
D. Friday
E. Wednesday

2. What day does Uma do her task?

A. Thursday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Monday
E. Friday

3. What task does Terry do on Wednesday?

A. sweeping
B. mopping
C. laundry
D. vacuuming
E. dusting

4. What day is the vacuuming done?

A. Thursday
B. Tuesday
C. Friday
D. Monday
E. Wednesday

5. What task does Vernon do?

A. laundry
B. dusting
C. vacuuming
D. mopping
E. sweeping

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