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1. Which county did Javagal Srinath sign for in 2003?

A. Surrey
B. Durham
C. Sussex
D. Essex

2. Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India?

A. New Delhi
B. Ahmedabad
C. Kolkata
D. Mumbai

3. The 'Dronacharya Award' is given to...?

A. Sportsmen
B. Coaches
C. Umpires
D. Sports Editors

4. What is the name of the person that controls a football match?

A. A referee
B. An umpire
C. A spectator
D. A goalkeeper

5. Pravin Amre and Vinod Kambli played for which province in South Africa?

A. Border
B. Boland
C. Griqualand West
D. Gauteng

6. Fenway Park is the home field of what Major League Baseball team?

A. New York Yankees
B. Chicago White Sox
C. Montreal Expos
D. Boston Red Sox

7. Which football hero was nicknamed "The Sundance Kid"?

A. Jim Kiick
B. Troy Aikman
C. Brett Favre
D. Joe Montana

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