General Knowledge Quiz - Indian History 3

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1. To which of the republic of Buddha belong?

A. Licchavis
B. Sakyas
C. Mallas
D. None of the above

2. Vikramaditya, a king of Ujjain, started the Vikrama samvat in 58 BC in commemoration of his victory over

A. Indo-Greeks
B. Sakas
C. Parthinas
D. Kushanas

3. Two of the great Mughals wrote their own memories. There were

A. Babar and Humayun
B. Humayun and Jahangir
C. Babar and Jahangir
D. Jahangir and Shahjahan

4. To which king belongs the Lion capitol at Sarnath?

A. Chandragupta
B. Ashoka
C. Kanishka
D. Harsha

5. Three major powers that emerged in southern India in the 7th century AD were

A. I, II, V
D. I, II, IV

6. There was a sharp class division at Harappa and Mohen-jodaro. This is clear from the

A. Indus seals excavated
B. religious beliefs of the Harappans
C. tools and implements used by the Harappans
D. different types of dwellings excavated

7. The title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he surrendered during the non-cooperation movement was

A. Hind Keasri
B. Kaiser-e-Hind
C. Rai Bahadur
D. Rt. Honorable

8. Tipu sultan was the ruler of

A. Hyderabad
B. Madurai
C. Mysore
D. Vijayanagar

9. The term yavanika meant

A. foreign goods
B. dancer
C. curtain
D. theatre

10. The term Khalisa in Mughal administration signified the

A. entire Imperial establishment
B. land owned b the emperor himself
C. religious land grants
D. land from where revenue was collected for the Imperial Treasury

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