General Knowledge Quiz - Indian History 1

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1. The theory of economic drain of India during British imperialism was propounded by

A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. Dadabhai Naoroji
C. R.C. Dutt
D. M.K. Gandhi

2. The system of competitive examination for civil service was accepted in principle in the year

A. 1833 
B. 1853
C. 1858 
D. 1882

3. The Battle of Plassey was fought in

A. 1757 
B. 1782
C. 1748 
D. 1764

4. The treaty of Srirangapatna was signed between Tipu Sultan and

A. Robert Clive
B. Cornwallis
C. Dalhousie
D. Warren Hastings

5. The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of

A. Sutlej and Beas
B. Jhelum and Chenab
C. Ravi and Chenab
D. Ganga and Yamuna

6. Tripitakas are sacred books of

A. Buddhists 
B. Hindus
C. Jains 
D. None of the above

7. The victories of Karikala are well portrayed in

A. Palamoli 
B. Aruvanad
C. Pattinappalai 
D. Padirrupattu

8. The trident-shaped symbol of Buddhism does not represent

A. Nirvana 
B. Sangha
C. Buddha 
D. Dhamma

9. Through which one of the following, the king exercised his control over villages in the Vijayanagar Empire?

A. Dannayaka 
B. Sumanta
C. Nayaka 
D. Mahanayakacharya

10. The troops raised by the emperor but not paid directly the state and place under the charge of mansabadars were know as

A. Walashahi 
B. Barawardi
C. JCumaki 
D. Dakhili

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