General Knowledge Quiz - Indian Geography 3

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General Knowledge Quiz on Indian Geography 3

1. The oldest oil field in India is the ____ field, in ____

A. Anleshwar, Gujarat
B. Bombay High, Maharashtra
C. Nawagam, Gujarat
D. Digboi, Assam

2. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between

A. India and Pakistan
B. India and China
C. India and Myanmar
D. India and Afghanistan

3. The most plausible explanation for the location of the Thar desert in western India is

A. the obstruction caused by the Aravalis to the rain-bearing wind that proceeds to the Ganga Valley
B. the evaporation of moisture by heat
C. the absence of mountains to the north of Rajasthan to cause orographic rainfall in it
D. that the moisture carried by the South-west monsoon is driven away by the dry upper air current

4. Which of the following has a potential for harnessing of tidal energy in India?

A. Gulf of Cambay
B. Gulf of Mannar
C. Backwaters of Kerala
D. Chilka lake

5. Three important rivers of the Indian subcontinent have their sources near the Mansarover Lake in the Great Himalayas. These rivers are

A. Indus, Jhelum and Sutlej
B. Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Yamuna
C. Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej
D. Jhelum, Sutlej and Yamuna

6. The typical area of sal forest in the Indian peninsular upland occurs

A. on the western ghats
B. between the Tapti and the Narmada
C. to the north-east of the Godavari
D. on the Malwa plateau

7. The zonal soil type of peninsular India belongs to

A. red soils
B. yellow soils
C. black soils
D. older alluvium

8. The northern boundary of the peninsular plateau of Indian runs parallel to the Ganga and the Yamuna from Rajmahal hills to a point near

A. Allahabad
B. Delhi
C. Gwalior
D. Jaipur

9. Which of the following groups of states has the largest deposits of iron ore?

A. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
B. Bihar and Orissa
C. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
D. West Bengal and Assam

10. Which of the following food grain crops occupies the largest part of the cropped area in India?

A. Barley and maize
B. Jowar and bajra
C. Rice
D. Wheat

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