General Knowledge Quiz 96

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1. The unit of energy in MKS system is

A. volt
B. erg
C. ohm
D. joule

2. Weight of an object put in a satellite orbiting in space around the earth is

A. the same as on the earth
B. slightly more than that on the earth
C. less than that on the earth
D. reduced to zero

3. The three abundant elements in the earth's crust are aluminium, oxygen and silicon. The correct order of their abundance is

A. oxygen, aluminium, silicon
B. aluminium, silicon, oxygen
C. oxygen, silicon, aluminium
D. silicon, oxygen, aluminium

4. Velocity of wind is measured by

A. speedometer
B. tachometer
C. anemometer
D. audiometer

5. The world's largest international organisation and a successor to the League of Nations is

D. None of the above

6. Tiruchirapalli is situated on river

A. Cauvery
B. Tapti
C. Krishna
D. Ganga

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