General Knowledge Quiz 92

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1. The term used in billiards are

A. blocking, held ball, holding, jump ball, pivot
B. target, field, flight, ballsege
C. auxiliary point system, rabbit punch, break, cut
D. blank line, break, bolting, cannon, cue, hazard, in-oft

2. Vitamin B12 is most useful for combating

A. anemia
B. goitre
C. night blindness
D. rickets

3. The telescope is used for viewing

A. distant objects
B. near objects
C. small objects
D. living cells

4. The term steeplechase is associated with which of the following sports?

A. Boxing
B. Chess
C. Rowing
D. Horse Racing

5. The term butterfly is associated with

A. kabaddi
B. swimming
C. boxing
D. wrestling

6. Vir Chakra (a medal) is made up of

A. bronze
B. gold gilt
C. standard silver
D. None of the above

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