General Knowledge Quiz 90

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1. Theory of Idealism was expounded by George Hegal, Bishop George and Berkeley According to this

A. mathli is an illusion and that the only reality that which exists mentally
B. good was pleasure and that evil was pain
C. base of knowledge is sense-experience, that is, observations governed by scientific principles
D. all knowledge is derived from sensory experience, by observing and experimenting

2. The temporary suspension of hostilities by mutual consent in order to stout a peace negotiation is called

A. arbitration
B. asylum
C. armistice
D. apartheid

3. The trophy know by the name of Grand Prix is associated with

A. table tennis
B. lawn tennis
C. table tennis and lawn tennis
D. table tennis, lawn tennis and shooting

4. To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belongs?

A. Ghana
B. South Korea
C. Spain
D. Sweden

5. The UN Flag is made up of

A. the white UN Emblem is super-imposed on a light blue background
B. the red UN Emblem is super-imposed on white background
C. the light blue UN Emblem is super-imposed on white background
D. None of the above

6. Uttar Pradesh is surrounded by ___ in north

A. Nepal
B. Uttrakhand
C. Haryana and Delhi
D. Rajasthan

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