General Knowledge Quiz 83

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1. The number of judges is European Court of Human Rights are

A. 5
B. 11
C. 21
D. 15

2. The saffron colour in the national flag signifies

A. truth and peace
B. courage and Sacrifice
C. faith and chivalry
D. None of the above

3. The restoration o the Olympic Games at the end of the last century was at the initiative of a/an

A. French baron
B. Greek philosopher
C. German philanthropist
D. English duke

4. The Roman governor and principal assassin in the murder of Julies Caesar was

A. Marcus Junius Brutus
B. Marco Polo
C. Leon Trotsky
D. Karl Markx

5. The sacred place of the followers of Shintoism is

A. Central shrine of Ise (Central of Japan)
B. Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo
C. both are correct
D. None of the above

6. The term of office of the UN Secretary-General is

A. three years
B. four years
C. five years
D. six years

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