General Knowledge Quiz 79

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1. The Secretary-General is required to submit an annual report on the work of the UN to

A. the General Assembly
B. the Security Council
C. the Trusteeship Council
D. All of the above simultaneously

2. The prize given to individuals fighting for freedom, independence and dignity of people is

A. Simon Bolivai Prize
B. Golden Bear Award
C. David Cohen Award
D. Owen Global Award

3. The SLV-3 project provided India with the expertise to lop a larger and more sophisticated launch vehicle

D. None of the above

4. The SI unit of ___ is named after Andre Marie Ampere.

A. power
B. potential difference
C. electric current
D. energy

5. The SAF (South Asian Federation) Game, as a part of the SAARC programme, was first held in

A. 1964
B. 1974
C. 1984
D. 1994

6. The site of the third oldest civilisation after the Sumerian and Egyption, Mohenjo-daro, was Built in

A. 2500 BC
B. 2500-2000 BC
C. 2300 BC
D. 2200 BC

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