General Knowledge Quiz 63

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1. The headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are situated at

A. Vienna
B. Geneva
C. Rome
D. Paris

2. The headquarter of a few agencies related to the UN are located in Vienna, which is in

A. Austria
B. Belgium
C. Denmark
D. Sweden

3. The last Asian Games took Place in 2002 at

A. Bangkok, Thailand
B. Busan, South Korea
C. Hiroshima, Japan
D. Beijing, China

4. The member states of European Union are

A. Belgium, Denmark, France and Greece
B. The Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Ireland, Italy
C. Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK
D. All of the above

5. The last or 13th NAM (Non-aligned Movement) conference was held on

A. September 2000 at Jakarta (Indonesia)
B. September 2001 at Cartagene
C. September 2002 at Durban
D. September 2003 at Kuala Lumper

6. The main crop of Meghalaya is

A. rice
B. wheat
C. barley
D. sugarcane

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