General Knowledge Quiz 57

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1. The first Winter Olympic Games were held at

A. Innsburck (Austria)
B. Lake Placid (USA)
C. Chamonix (France)
D. Calgary (Alberta)

2. The first recipient of Bharat Ratna award in 1954 was

A. S. Radhakrishnan
B. C. Rajagopalachari
C. C.V. Raman
D. Jawaharlal Nehru

3. The electron was first identified by

A. J. J. Thompson
B. J. Kepler
C. D. Rutherford
D. James Chadwick

4. The college of Military Engineering is situated at

A. Kirkee (Pune)
B. Mhow
C. Dehradun
D. Chennai

5. The country's first indigenously built missile boat was

A. INS Vibhuti
B. INS Vipul
C. INS Savitri
D. INS Shakti

6. The conservation hawks and owls is important to mankind chiefly because these birds eat

A. numerous weed seeds
B. harmful birds
C. many harmful rodents
D. harmful reptiles

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