General Knowledge Quiz 55

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1. The department of Atomic Energy was established in

A. 1948
B. 1956
C. 1963
D. 1971

2. The committee of the Norwegian Parliament awards the prize for

A. economics
B. peace
C. medicine
D. literature

3. The exhaled air contains

A. carbon dioxide only
B. a mixture which has more carbon dioxide than oxygen
C. a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen in which nitrogen has the highest percentage
D. a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen

4. The chief of the Army staff is assisted by

A. Vice-chief of the Army Staff
B. Principal staff officers such as Deputy Chief, Adjutant General, Military Secretary
C. both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

5. The full-fledged Commonwealth Games were first organized in ____ at ____

A. 1930; Hamilton in Canada
B. 1934; London in England
C. 1932; Sydney in Australia
D. 1936; Cardiff in UK

6. The blood pressure of a young male human being is

A. 110/70
B. 120/80
C. 135/90
D. 140/100

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