General Knowledge Quiz 36

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1. Of the UN Agencies, which one specifically aims at further economic development by encouraging productive private enterprise?

A. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
B. International Finance Corporation
C. International Monetary Fund
D. World Bank

2. Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) is famous for

A. brass ware
B. sandal oil
C. newsprint factory
D. penicillin factory

3. Numismatics is the study of

A. coins
B. numbers
C. stamps
D. space

4. Mahabaleshwar is located in

A. Maharashtra
B. Rajasthan
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Himachal Pradesh

5. Light Year is related to

A. energy
B. speed
C. distance
D. intensity

6. Jharkhand has ____ state on its eastern end.

A. Bihar
B. West Bengal
C. Orissa
D. Chhattisgarh

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