General Knowledge Quiz 30

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1. Modern Indo-Aryan languages are based on an ancient language called

A. Hindi
B. Sanskrit
C. Kannada
D. Tamil

2. Malfunctioning of which of the following organs causes jaundice?

A. Stomach
B. Pancreas
C. Liver
D. Kidney

3. Of the following foods, which one is the best source of protein?

A. Butter
B. Fish
C. Lettuce
D. Milk

4. Milkha Singh Stood ____ in 1960 Olympics, in Athletics.

A. fourth in 400m final
B. second in 400m final
C. eighth in 50km walk
D. seventh in 800m final

5. Kathak, Nauntanki, Jhora and Kajri are the important dances of

A. Uttaranchal
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Jharkhand
D. Chhattisgarh

6. Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education is located at

A. Bhopal
B. Gwalior
C. Karnal
D. Patiala

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