General Knowledge Quiz 24

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1. In a normal human being, how much time does food take to reach the end of the intestine for complete absorption?

A. About 8 hours
B. About 12 hours
C. About 16 hours
D. About 18 hours

2. In which year did Sir Edmund Hillary reach the summit of Mount Everest?

A. 1952
B. 1953
C. 1954
D. 1955

3. India's first fast breeder neutron reactor was

A. Zerlina
B. Apsara
C. Purnima-I
D. Kamini

4. In cricket, a run taken when the ball passes the batsman without touching his bat or body is called

A. leg bye
B. bye
C. bosie
D. drive

5. India's first atomic power station was set up at

A. Surat (Gujarat)
B. Tarapur (Maharashtra)
C. Trombay (Maharashtra)
D. Solapur (Maharashtra)

6. In 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin met at Teheran primarily

A. to discuss the strategy to be adopted by the Allies to invade Germany
B. to consider a common plan of action by the Allies forces against the axis powers
C. for creating an effective instrument for maintaining international peace
D. to work out a common line of action against Japan

7. In which of the following pairs, the two substances forming the pair are chemically most dissimilar?

A. Sugar and paper
B. Butter and paraffin wax
C. Chalk and marble
D. Charcoal and diamond

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