General Knowledge Quiz 112

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1. Which of the following are the important sects of Islam?

A. Catholics and Protestants
B. Sunnis and Shias
C. Mahayana and Hinayan
D. None of the above

2. Which is the highest literary award of the world?

A. Nobel Prize
B. Booker Prize
C. Pulitzer Prize
D. Magsaysay Award

3. Which language is spoken in Karnataka?

A. Marathi
B. Hindi
C. Malayalam
D. Kannada

4. Which Bank has the maximum number of branches?

B. HDFC Bank
C. State Bank of India
D. State Bank of Patiala

5. Which is the place of worship for Judoists?

A. Synagogue
B. First temple
C. No church or temple
D. Monastery

6. Which of the following are the member countries of the commonwealth?

A. Australia, Tonga, UK and Zimbabwe
B. Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Jamaica and Singapore
C. Mauritius, Maldives, Ghana, Bangladesh
D. All of the above

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