General Knowledge Quiz 103

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1. What is the function of a dynamo?

A. To convert heat energy into light energy
B. To convert light energy into heat energy
C. To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
D. To convert electrical energy into mechanical energy

2. What is the literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh?

A. 68.59 per cent
B. 77.13 per cent
C. 22.63 per cent
D. 54.40 per cent

3. Yuri Gagarin was

A. a Russian cosmonaut & became the first man to travel in space.
B. the first person to fly at great height of about 340 km from the earth
C. both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

4. What is Magna Carta?

A. It was a charter of Rights granted to the Englishmen during 1215 AD by King John II
B. It was a charter guaranteeing the freedom of the barons, the church and the common man
C. It is the foundation stone of the rights and liberties of the English people
D. All of the above

5. What is the population density of Manipur?

A. 107/sq. km
B. 207/sq. km
C. 307/sq. km
D. 407/sq. km

6. When is the International Workers' Day?

A. 15th April
B. 12th December
C. 1st May
D. 1st August

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