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DIRECTIONS : Fill in the blanks using appropriate word from options as per the question numbers indicated in the passage. Jamshedji Tata is __(1)__ to be the pathfinder of modern industrial builders. He is
known as the grandfather of the Indian industry for his acumen and enthusiasm. Nobody else could have __(2)__ of the new industries started by Jamshedji at that time when industrial __(3)___ and revolution was yet to come to India. Jamshedji’s father Nasarvanji Tata used to trade in jute with China and Britain. He
started __(4)__ from India. Jamshedji started a cloth mill in Nagpur more than 100 years ago. At that time almost all the __(5)__ used to come from Lancashire in England. What Jamshedji __(6)__ was praiseworthy. Jamshedji __(7)__ very well that anindustrial revolution can only be brought in the country by setting up iron and steel industry __(8)__ he did not live to see the industry he had in mind, he had done all __(9)__ work. In fact, he laid the groundwork for it. He had planned the entire steel city now known as
Jamshedpur, complete with streets, roads, schools, parks, playgrounds, temples, mosques, churches, etc. His __(10)__ was fulfilled by his sons, Sir Dorabji Tata and Sir Ratan Tata, when they started the Tata Iron and steel factory in 1907 just after 03 years of his death.

1. (a) Rewarded (b) agreed (c) Empowered (d) Determined (e) considered

2. (a) absolved (b) thought (c) ventured (d) set (e) planned

3. (a)imports (b) acts (c) Machinery (d) awakening(e) Factories

4. (a) export (b) industries (c) Import (d) trade (e)dispatch

5. (a) goods (b) imports (c) Clothes (d) machines (e) Industries

6. (a) did (b) dreamt (c) Agreed (d) told (e) Meant

7. (a) felt (b) advocated (c) Planned (d) thought (e) Knew

8. (a) because (b) although (c) Surprisingly (d) luckily (e) Even

9. (a) Insignificant (b) complete (c) Trivial (d) Preliminary (e) External

10. (a) Need (b) Task (c) Dream (d) industry (e) Sentiment

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