English Quiz 35

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Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on English
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Directions : Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the phrase underlined in the following questions. If the sentence itself is correct your option will be (e)  No correction is required.

1. Dancing and participate in drama are my favorite pastimes.

(a) Dancing and participation
(b) Dancing and participated
(c) Dancing and participating
(d) Dances and participations
(e) No correction required.

2. As the streets were very congested, the journey was not comfort.

(a) Was not comfortable
(b) Was without comfort
(c) Had no comfortable
(d) Had been no comfort
(e) No correction required.

3. She is wiser than all her friends.

(a) Wiser to all
(b) More wise than all
(c) More wiser than most of
(d) More wiser than much of
(e) No correction required.

4. Diet conscious people wouldn’t be liked to have ice-cream after dinner.

(a) Wouldn’t liking to
(b) Wouldn’t like to
(c) Would be like not to
(d) Would be not liked to
(e) None of these

5. This exercise is considerably difficult for all those who suffer with cough.

(a) Who suffers from
(b) Who suffers with
(c) Who suffer from
(d) Who were suffered from
(e) No correction required.

6. He admitted to me that he had not adequate prepared for the test.

(a) Had not adequately prepared
(b) Was not adequately preparing
(c) Was not adequate prepared
(d) Has not adequately preparations
(e) No correction required.

7. Their attempt to gain political mileage from such a historic decision lies at the root of the public anger sweeping parts of India.

(a) Lies on the root of
(b) Lied on the root at
(c) Lying at the root of
(d) Lies on the root in
(e) No correction required.

8. It is not true that a person who is good into studies is necessarily intelligent.

(a) Has got the best into
(b) Is good at studies
(c) Is good into study
(d) Has been good at studies
(e) No correction required.

9. We must treat any statement as a rumor until they are confirmed with proof.

(a) Till they are confirmed
(b) Until they are confirming
(c) Until it is confirmed
(d) Until it is confirming
(e) No correction required.

10. He is the only one of the members who have paid all the dues.

(a) Member who has paid
(b) Members who have been paying
(c) Members who has been paid
(d) Members who has paid
(e) No correction required

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