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Directions : Fill in the blanks using appropriate word from options as per the question numbers indicated in the passage. There is a considerable amount of research about the factors that make a company innovative. So, is it possible to create an environment __(1)__ to innovation? This is a particularly pertinent __(2)__ for India today. Massive problems in health, education, etc __(3)___ be solved using a conventional approach but __(4)__ creative and innovative solutions that can ensure radical change and __(5)__ . There are several factors in India’s __(6)__. Few countries have the rich diversity that India or its large, young population __(7)__. While these __(8)__ innovations, policy interventions and certain additional steps are also required. These include __(9)__ investment in R & D by __(10)__ the government and the private sector, easy transfer of technology from the academic world etc. to fulfill its promise of being prosperous and to be at the forefront, India must be innovative.

1. (a) Functional (b) operative (c) conductive (d) stimuli (e) adoptive.

2. (a) Equation (b) acknowledgement (c) controversy (d) question (e) doubt

3. (a) can (b) cannot (c) must (d) never (e) certainly

4. (a) requirement (b) consider (c) need (d) apply (e) requires

5. (a) uproar (b) upward mobility (c) social change (d) growth (e) chaos

6. (a) territory (b) favour (c) capacity (d) praises (e) challenges

7. (a) enjoys (b) occurs (c) reminds (d) endows (e) upsets

8. (a) set (b) curtail (c) restricts (d) jeopardize (e) aid

9. (a) the least (b) enhanced (c) empowered (d) inspiring (e) blessed

10. (a) including (b) involving (c) inclusion (d) both (e) excluding

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