English Quiz 31

Bankers Adda is also known to be called as English Quiz  adda.
Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on English
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Direction:  In the following sentences you have to find out error, if any. If there is no error in any part, your answer will be (e) No error.

1. (a) His brother ‘s / (b) deteriorating health / (c) gives him / (a) much too pain /(e) No error

2. (a) His brother ‘s / (b) deteriorating health / (c) is too much painful / (d) for him / (e) No error

3. (a) I am / (b) very wiser / (c) than / (d) your brother / (e) No error

4. (a) I am / (b) much lucky / (c) than / (d) your brother / (e) No error

5. (a) Shyam is / (b) enough lucky / (c) to pass / (d) this exam / (e) No error

6. (a) Shyam is / (b) enough greater / (c) to select you / (d) in his team / (e) No error

7. (a) Ajay was / (b) punished for / (c) joining his squadron / (d) lately / (e) No error

8. (a) He ran / (b) in the Jehanabad Stadium / (c) well / (d) today / (e) No error

9. (a) No sooner the train entered / (b) into Delhi platform than / (c) a group of ticket examiners /
    (d) surrounded its general coaches / (e) No error

10. (a) only by / (b) Catching a express bus / (c) he reached / (d) at the examination venue in time /
      (e) No error

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