English Quiz 3

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Directions: In the following two passages, there are ten blank spaces. Choose the best word from the options to make the passage meaningful.

A young man riding a motor-cycle approached a policeman in a market place and sought his assistance in reaching a particular locality. The policeman gave him some (1) and the motor-cyclist left. He (2) back after some time and (3) the policeman that he could not (4) the place. The policeman got the (5) to help him and agreed to (6) with the motor-cyclist. On reaching the (7) the motor-cyclist left in a hurry leaving the policeman on the road. The policeman was surprised.

1. (a) Instructions (b) Directions (c) Advice
(d) Clues

2. (a) Returned (b) Stood (c) Went (d)

3. (a) Convinced (b) Conveyed (c) Asked (d)

4. (a) Got (b) Traced (c) Find (d) See

5. (a) Idea (b) Inclination (c) Urge (d)

6. (a) Proceed (b) Go (c) Start (d) Help

7. (a) Spot (b) Destination (c) Station (d)

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