English Quiz 16

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Directions: In the followingpassage, there are ten blank spaces. Choose the best word from the options to make the passage meaningful.

Dinesh was orphaned at a very __(1)___ age. He lost ___(2)___ of his parents because his family was__(3)__ poor to afford any treatment. He was deeply affected by this. He decided to work hard and__(4)__ on his own feet. Along with his studies he ___(5)___ part time in a hotel, and earned enough money in order to ___(6)___ his studies. Being a brilliant student, he earned scholarships and later managed to get admission in a good and reputed engineering college. He is now a ___(7)___ engineer and helps his poor villagers for __(8)___. The morale of this story tells us that one can survive every ___(9)___. Dedication andcontinuity __(10)___ to success in life.

1. (a) Nascent (b) Little (c) early (d) childish (e) None of these

2. (a) both (b) together (c) combination (d) couple (e) None of these

3. (a) to (b) too (c) very (d) much (e) None of these

4. (a) grow (b) establish (c) erect (d) stand (e) None of these

5. (a) joined (b) worked (c) started (d) carried out (e) None of these

6. (a) follow (b) convey (c) consolidate (d) pursue (e) None of these

7. (a) merit (b) scholored (c) respected (d) awarded (e) None of these

8. (a) subsidy (b) concession (c) free (d) richness (e) None of these

9. (a) adverse (b) favored (c) dejected (d) harassing (e) None of these

10.(a) makes (b) masters (c) leads (d) follows (e) None of these

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