English Quiz 11

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Direction: In the following passage there are some blank spaces. You have to fill it using one of the best suitable options to have a meaningful passage.

Foreign trade, in general terms, can be defined as the trade among (1) countries. It (2) to the exchange of goods and (3) between one country and another. It is also (4) as ‘International trade’. Since India was
a British colony, the (5) of its foreign trade before 1947 was typically (6). It served as a supplier of (7) and raw materials to the industrial nations, particularly England, and as importer of (8) goods. The (9) of exports
was high and (10) took the backseat.

1. (a) Poor
    (b) Different
    (c) Rich
    (d) Similar
    (e) Western

2. (a) Indicates
    (b) Points
    (c) Mentions
    (d) Refers
    (e) Hints

3. (a) Services
    (b) Items
    (c) Materials
    (d) Supply
    (e) Objects

4. (a) Show
    (b) asked
    (c) known
    (d) told
    (e) said

5. (a) Style
    (b) Pattern
    (c) Formula
    (d) Form
    (e) working

6. (a) Continental
    (b) International
    (c) Modem
    (d) Ancient
    (e) Colonial

7. (a) Foodstuffs
    (b) arms
    (c) Nuclear energy
    (d) Aircraft
    (e) Coal

8. (a) Raw
    (b) Foreign
    (c) Manufactured
    (d) Country
    (e) Fresh

9. (a) Quality
    (b) Rate
    (c) Cost
    (d) Income
    (e) Volume

10.(a) Business
     (b) trade
     (c) dealings
     (d) Imports
     (e) Profit

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