Banking Quiz 32

Bankers Adda is also known as Banking Quiz Adda.
Today Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on Banking.
Go through the quiz and if you have any doubts please contact bankers adda in the comment section.

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1.  If the rupees depreciate, what is the effect on the exporters?

(a) They are unaffected
(b) They are in loss
(c) They are in profit
(d) They get credit crunch
(e) None of these

2.  What is Reserve Money (RM)?

(a) Currency in circulation with the public
(b) Deposits of some people with RBI
(c) Cash reserves of the banks
(d) Total of the above three options
(e) None of the above

3. What is the objective of introduction of ‘Marginal Standing Facility’ by RBI?

(a) To contain volatility in the overnight inter-bank rates
(b) To contain volatility in MIBOR
(c) To contain volatility in LIBOR
(d)To match with standard Tier 1 capital Ratio
(e) None of these

4.  Which bank can be called as the first universal bank in India?

(a) HDFC Bank
(b) IDBI
(c) SBI
(d) ICICI Bank
(e) None of these

5.  When was Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) introduced?

(a) July, 1998
(b) July, 1999
(c) July, 2000
(d) July, 1995
(e) None of these

6.  Which can be called as the actual base for the total demand deposit structure (DD) of the banking system?

(a) Other Deposits (OD) of the banks
(b) Reserve Money (RM) of the banks
(c) Currency in the circulation with the customers of that bank
(d) Cash reserves of the banks
(e) None of these

7.  When did the merger of ICICI with its subsidiary the ICICI bank take place?

(a) March, 2002
(b) April, 2001
(c) Feb, 2004
(d) Aug, 2002
(e) None of these

8.  Soon after setting up of IMF, India fixed dollar-rupees exchange rates. What was the value of one dollar at that time?

(a) Rs. 3.30 / USD
(b) Rs. 4.50 / USD
(c) Rs. 3.00 / USD
(d) Rs. 5.50 / USD
(e) None of these

9.  Which agency coordinates all agencies, which are concerned with the provision of financer for industrial development? ( This agency came into being in July, 1964)

(b) IDFC
(c) IDBI
(d) ICICI Bank
(e) None of these

10. When the Government of India cannot raise enough financial resources through taxation, it finances its expenditure through various means like borrowing from market, running down its balances with RBI etc. This can be exactly called as

(a) Fiscal Deficit Financing
(b) Deficit Financing
(c) Capital Infusion
(d) Restructuring
(e) None of these

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