Banking Quiz 28

Bankers Adda is also known as Banking Quiz Adda.
Today Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on Banking.
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1. Which of the following is the most common way, the Government of India raises funds for the short period?

(a) 364-days T-bills
(b) 182- days T-bills
(c)  91- days T-bills
(d) 14-days immediate T-bills

2. Out of FDI and FII, which is considered more permanent (stable)?

(a) FII is considered more stable than FDI.
(b) Both are equally stable.
(c) Both are equally unstable.
(d) FDI is considered more stable than FII.
(e) None of these

3.  Through which of the following sources domestic funds are raised by companies?

(a) IPO only
(b) FPO only
(c) Commercial papers only
(d) Both IPO and FPO
(e) All IPO, FPO and commercial papers

4.  After independence, how many times, Indian currencies have been demonetized?

(a) 01
(b) 02
(c) 03
(d) Not a single time
(e) None of these

5. If the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is lowered by the RBI, its impact on the credit creation will be to

(a) Decrease it
(b) No effect
(c) Increase it
(d) None of these

6. In the time of monetary shortage, RBI can buy commercial bills from the market. By using this method what does RBI provide to the market?

(a) It sucks credit from the market.
(b) It injects credit into the market.
(c) There is no effect on the credit situation in the  market.
(d) None of these

7. Which of the following bank was not nationalized during the first wave of nationalization on 19th July, 1969?

(a) Indian Bank
(b) Indian Overseas Bank
(c) Dena Bank
(d) Corporation Bank
(e) None of these

8.  Bharat Stage emission standards have been instituted by Government of India. Which standard norms are in force since April, 2013 till to date?

(a) BS III
(b) BS IV
(c) BS V
(d) BS II
(e) None of these

9.  When were Regional Rural Banks (RRB) established?

(a) 1969
(b) 1975
(c) 1976
(d) 1991
(e) None of these

10. When was Credit Rating agency CRISIL (credit rating information services of India Ltd.) established?

(a) 1987
(b) 1986
(c) 1988
(d) 1989
(e) None of these

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