Banking Quiz 24

Bankers Adda is also known as Banking Quiz Adda.
Today Bankers Adda came back with a New Quiz on Banking.
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1.    World Bank comprises five agencies. Which option is correct in this regards?
(i)   Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
(ii)   International Developing Association (IDA)
(iii)   International Financial Corporation (IFC)

(a) Only iii is its agency.
(b) Only i and ii are its agencies.
(c) Only ii and iii are its agencies.
(d) Above all are its agencies.
(e) None of these

2.     Which of the followings is correct about ‘teaser loans’?

(a) Rate of interest is less initially and it goes up subsequently.
(b) Rate of interest is more initially and it goes down subsequently.
(c) Teaser loans have no specifications regarding interest rates.
(d) Rate of interest remains always higher.
(e) Rate of interest remains always lower compared to other loans.

3. Expand DRI related to a scheme meant for weaker section of our country.

(a) Different rate of interest
(b) Differential rate of interest
(c) Different ration for Indians
(d) Different rate of interest-bond
(e) None of these

4.     If a bank cashes a crossed cheque over the counter, what is going to happen? (However a bank will not do this)

(a) That bank will be liable to pay any loss if incurred to the true owner of the cheque.
(b) That bank has no liability hereafter.
(c) The person who received the cash will be liable to pay any loss if incurred to the true owner of the cheque.
(d) None of these

5.     Who provides refinance facilities to RRBs?

(b) RBI
(c) Government of India
(e) None of these

6.   Expand ‘ESOPs’ related to financial sector?

(a) Employee stock operational plan
(b) Employee stock ownership plan
(c) Employee stock ownership paper
(d) Employee saving and operational plan
(e) None of these

7.   The most risky cheque is

(a) Bearer
(b) Order
(c) Account payee
(d) Not negotiable
(e) None of these

8.   A cheque can be called as open cheque, if it is a

(a) Order cheque
(b) Bearer cheque
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) or (b)
(e) None of these

9.     If a cheque is payable to the person specified as the payee, or to any one else to whom it is endorsed (transferred), is called :

(a) Bearer
(b) Order
(c) Account payee
(d) Not negotiable
(e) None of these

10. Which of the following statement truly reflects the difference between cheque and DD?

(a) The cheque can be dishonoured, whereas DD cannot be.
(b) The cheque facility is given to only bank’ account holder, whereas DD facility can be given to no-account holders also.
(c) In case of cheque, the drawer is the customer of the bank but in case of DD, the drawer is the bank itself.
(d) All of above
(e) None of above

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