Inventions Quiz 6

Bankers Adda is also known to be called as Inventions Quiz adda.
Today we came back with a New Quiz on Inventions
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1 Who invented Jet Engine?

A. Sir Frank Whittle
B. Gottlieb Daimler
C. Roger Bacon
D. Lewis E. Waterman

2 What invention caused many deaths while testing it?

A. Dynamite
B. Ladders
C. Race cars
D. Parachute

3 Who invented Gunpowder?

A. G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
B. Sir Frank Whittle
C. Roger Bacon
D. Leo H Baekeland

4 Until Victorian times, chocolate was thought of as a drink. When did the first chocolate bar appear?

A. 1828 B. 1831
C. 1825 D. There is no sure date

5 What plaything was invented by Joe McVicker in 1956?

A. Silly Putty
B. Etch-A-Sketch
C. Lite-Brite
D. Play-Doh

6 Who had an explosive idea and first patented DYNAMITE?

A. J. R. Gluber
B. A. Nobel
C. G. Fawks
D. W. Bickford

7 Who invented the Spinning Jenny?

A. Thornton Hargreaves
B. Peter Hargreaves
C. James Hargreaves
D. Simon Hargreaves

8 Who among the following invented the small pox vaccine?

A. Robert Koch
B. Edward Jenner
C. Robert Hooke
D. Louis Pasteur

9 What George Westinghouse invented?

A. Light bulb
B. Electric razor
C. Refrigerator
D. Railway air brakes

10 Who is the only U.S. President to invent and patent something?

A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Theodore Roosevelt
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. Rutherford B. Hayes

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