Inventions Quiz 4

Bankers Adda is also known to be called as Inventions Quiz adda.
Today we came back with a New Quiz on Inventions
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1 The first hand glider was designed by...?

A. Leonardo DaVinci
B. The Wright brothers
C. Francis Rogallo
D. Galileo

2 In which decade was the telegraph invented?

A. 1810s B. 1840s
C. 1870s D. 1890s

3 What inspired reflecting road lights to be invented?

A. Car door reflecting mirrors
B. The light a cat's eyes gave off on a fence
C. Sun light on steel posts on road sides
D. The sun light on the windshield

4 When were blue jeans invented?

A. 1900s B. 1860s
C. 1870s D. 1850s

5 Who invented Electric Generator?

A. Sir Alexander Graham Bell
B. Michael Faraday
C. Alfred B. Nobel
D. Thomas Alva Edison

6 Who was the first American female to patent her invention, a method of weaving straw with silk?

A. Marjorie Joyner
B. Margaret Knight
C. Amanda Jones
D. Mary Kies

7 Who invented Gramophone?

A. Michael Faraday
B. Fahrenheit
C. Sir Alexander Graham Bell
D. Thomas Alva Edison

8 Who invented Internal Combustion Engine?

A. Roger Bacon
B. Karl Benz
C. Dr. Alan M. Turing
D. Otto

9 When was Monopoly created?

A. 1940s B. 1930s
C. 1920s D. 1950s

10 What 'game' was first produced by the Southern Novelty Company in Baltimore, Maryland in 1892?

A. Frisbee
B. Monopoly
C. Ouija board
D. Ping Pong

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