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Directions:(1-5) In each sentence there is a blank. To fill up the blank, three words are given below the sentence, which are denoted by (i), (ii) and (iii) Find out which one or two or three can be used to fill up the blank and make the sentence meaningfully complete.

1. In such a…………changing scenario, the outdated methods should be dropped.
(i) fast                    (ii) speed                     (iii) rapidly

(a) i or ii only                
(b) ii or iii only
(c) i or iii only                
(d) Any one
(e) Only i

2. This is the common…………….followed by employees in many companies.
(i)   sense              (ii)  practice                 (iii) outcome

(a) Only i                    
(b) Only ii
(c)  Only iii                  
(d) i or ii only
(e)  ii or iii only

3. He was the first to…………….this novel method in our factory.
(i) initiate                (ii) start                        (iii) implement

(a) Only i                      
(b) Only ii
(c) Only iii                    
(d) i or ii only
(e) Any one

4. It happened inadvertently; he didn’t do it…………..
(i) deliberately                   (ii) purposefully           (iii) intentionally

(a) Anyone                          
(b) i or ii only
(c) i or iii only                      
(d) ii or iii only
(e) None of these

5. After spending a small amount on medicines, he refunded the entire………..money to his father.
(i) remained           (ii) balance                  (iii) residual

(a) Only i                          
(b) Only ii
(c) Only iii                      
(d) ii or iii only
(e) i or iii only

Directions:(6-10) In each sentence below one word has been printed in bold. Below the sentence, five words/groups of words are suggested, one of which can replace the word printed in bold without changing the meaning of the sentence. Find out the appropriate word/group of words in each case.

6. Travel will familiarize you with new customs.
(a) adjust                    
(b) popularize
(c) satisfy                  
(d) influence
(e) acquaint

7. A very stubborn attitude in life cannot prove helpful.
(a) uncooperative
(b) rigid
(c) unsuitable
(d) unhelpful
(e) inapplicable

8. His appearance was extremely misleading.
(a) attractive                  
(b) depressing
(c) deceptive                
(d) sad
(e) normal

9. The affluence of Hindi film actors has no match.
(a) handsome appearance
(b) brave action
(c) healthy phsique                    
(d) wealth condition
(e) intelligent deed

10. He was a cunning businessman.
(a) crafty                      
(b) successful
(c) dishonest                
(d) corrupt
(e) respected

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