Computer Quiz 14

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1. The most common keyboard uses the ____________ layout.
A.     Dvorak
B.     numeric
D.     alpha

2. The box that contains the central electronic components of the computer is the:
A.     motherboard.
B.     system unit.
C.     peripheral.
D.     input device.

3.  The ____________ key and the ____________ key can be used in combination with other keys to perform shortcuts and special tasks.
A.     Control, Alt
B.     Function, toggle
C.     Delete, Insert
D.     Caps Lock, Num Lock

4. A ____________ is an output device that creates tangible hard copies.
A.     monitor
B.     printer
C.     scanner
D.     CRT

5. To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location, you should use the ____________ command.
A.     Save
B.     Save and Replace
C.     New File
D.     Save As

6. The cell address C5 indicates that the cell:
A.     contains a label value of “C5.”
B.     is at row 5, column C of the worksheet.
C.     is at row C, column 5 of the worksheet.
D.     is performing a calculation involving a variable called “C.”

7.  Inkjet printers and laser printers are examples of ____________ printers.
A.     nonimpact
B.     impact
C.     dot-matrix
D.     thermal

8. The Internet is:
a.       an internal communication system for a business.
b.      a large network of networks.
c.       a communication system for the U.S. government.
d.      All of the above

9. All of the following are ways to communicate on the Internet EXCEPT:
a.       instant messaging.
b.      e-mail.
c.       hyperlinks.
d.      chat rooms.

10. The term Internet backbone refers to:
a.       the software that operates a Web server.
b.      the main pathway of high-speed communications lines through which all Internet traffic flows.
c.       a broadband Internet connection.
d.      a set of numbers comprising an Internet address.

11.  All of the following use Web-based e-mail clients, meaning you can access the e-mail account from any computer, EXCEPT:
a.       Yahoo!.
b.      Hotmail.
c.       Gmail.
d.      Microsoft Outlook.

12. Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster are considered:
a.       podcast Web sites.
b.      e-commerce Web sites.
c.       business-to-business Web sites.
d.      social networking Web sites.

13. Widely used Web browsers for personal computers include all of the following EXCEPT:
a.       Opera.
b.      Mozilla.
c.       Microsoft Internet Explorer.
d.      Microsoft Office PowerPoint

14. One way to mark a site so that you can return to it later is to:
a.       use Favorites or Bookmarks.
b.      use the Back button.
c.       register its domain name.
d.      refresh the URL.

15.  All of the following are parts of the URL (Web site address) EXCEPT:
a.       the hyperlinks.
b.      the protocol.
c.       the World Wide Web.
d.      the domain name.

16. URL stands for:
a.       Uniform Resource Locator.
b.      Universal Research List.
c.       Uniform Research Locator.
d.      Universal Resource List.

17. ___________ are personal journal entries posted on the Web.
a.       Diaries
b.      Newsgroups
c.       Wikis
d.      Blogs

18. The design of the network is called the network:
A.     architecture.
B.     server.
C.     transmission.
D.     type.

19.  Which of the following is NOT a protocol?
a.       http
b.      HTML
c.      TCP/IP
d.      FTP

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