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1. System software –
(1) Is a programming language.
(2) Is a part of a productivity suite
(3) Is a optional from of software.
(4) Computer manage internal resources
(5) Computer manage internal resources

2. Portable computer also known as laptop computer, weighting between 4 and 10 pounds is calls is –
(1) General purpose application
(2) Internet
(3) Scanner
(4) Printer
(5) Note book computer

3. Which of the following could be digital input devices for a computers?
(1) Digital camcorder
(2) Microphone
(3) Scanner
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

4. Which of the following is contained on chips connected to the system board and is a holding area for data instruction and information? (processed data waiting to be output to secondary storage?
(1) Program
(2) Mouse
(3) Internet
(4) Memory
(5 Modem

5. The system unit –
(1) Coordinates input and output devices
(2) Is the container that houses electronic components.
(3) Is a combination of hardware and software
(4) Controls and manipulates data
(5) Does the arithmetic operation

6.Microsoft's messenger allows users to –
(1) To bypass a browser to surf the web.
(2) Create a blog.
(3) Communicate via direct live communication.
(4) Identify and eliminate spam
(5) Make graphic presentation.

7. The main circuit board of the system unit is the –
(1) Computer program
(2) Control unit
(3) Motherboard
(4) RAM
(5) None of these

8. Which of the following is billiath of a second?
(1) Gigabyte
(2) Terabyte
(3) None second
(4) Microsecond
(5) Transcend

9. Storage media such as a CD read and write information using
(1) A laser beam of red light.
(2) Magnetic dots.
(3) Magnetic strips
(4) All of these
(5) None of these

10. Online marketing is the function of which of the following?
(1) purchase section
(2) production department
(3) IT department
(4) Designs section
(5) A collective funcs of all staff

11. Artificial Intelligence occurred in ____ generation
(1) Fourth
(2) Fifth
(3) Both 1 and 2
(4) Sixth
(5) None of these

12. Gamepad is an example of –
(1) Input device
(2) Output device
(3) Software
(4) Processor
(5 All of these

13. WORM stands for
(1) Write once read many
(2) Wanted once read memory
(3) Wanted original read memory
(4) Write original read memory
(5) None of these

14. Meaning of VIRUS
(1) Very important record user searched
(2) Verify interchanged result until source
(3) Vital information resource under siege
(4) Very important resource under search
(5) None of these

15. In DOS, REM command use for –
(1) To change the file name
(2) To move the file from one place to another place
(3) To delete file and its content.
(4) To delete folder and its subfolder
(5) None of these

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